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How I earn €3,000 a month

Today I want to show you how I earn €3,000 a month via the rental platform AirBnB and with just one rented apartment! And everything with a one time investment of 15.000€.

If you think that everything sounds great - but something can't be right, I can understand you. Such statements would also make me more than suspicious.

Such a profitable income model with low financial input, there are more often than you think and is sometimes even much more lucrative in terms of profitability. If a person has found a good passive cash flow, he will in most cases not report it to avoid imitators.

I personally see it completely differently. Giving is more blessed than receiving. I am of the opinion that you first have to publish very good content, content and knowledge that you are 100% convinced of that will bring benefits or help certain people. Personally, I enjoy sharing my experiences and adventures.

If you have already seen the first part of the video, I have explained to you how I came to buy this apartment, as well as a brief overview of the costs and income. Key word: return on equity

I would now like to explain this in more detail. Compare all expenses and income and prove that only the short-term rental minus all costs leads to a net profit of over €3,000 per month.

As I said in the previous video, I calculated the return on equity for you.

As promised, I will now give you an insight into all costs and income using the example of my 5 room apartment in Bucharest in a very good location.

Purchase price: €110,000
Notary costs: €1,100, i.e. 1% of the purchase price
Property transfer tax: 0€
There is an annual tax here, but it is only 100-200€ per year.

Legal fees due diligence: €2,000
A large and well-known law firm, which has branches in almost all European countries, was commissioned to carry out an examination of any outstanding debts or liabilities of the apartment owner, and to draw up the purchase contract in German.

Renovation costs including materials: €20,000
The cost of renovation and furnishing is divided in rounded figures. For both cost items can be a little more or less.

Furniture and furnishing: 16.900€
The expenses are even a few hundred euros less. This was rounded up a bit to end up with a total of around €150,000.

Other expenses:

Monthly fixed costs:

- Heating and property management: 80€
- Electricity: 15€ (Electricity is very cheap in Romania)
- Internet and TV: 15€ (Best-performing Internet in the EU)
- Maintenance: 50€ (Janitor assistant)
The amount falls significantly less, but is rounded up for the worst case. This occurs when, for example, light bulbs or other small items have to be replaced. A freelancer takes care of the maintenance and receives €10-20 per job.

80€ + 15€ + 15€ + 50€ = 160€ (total monthly fixed costs)

The agency charges 15% fee on each booking. The entire process of check-in, customer care, cleaning, check-out and processing is carried out by the agency.


Thus, the income is almost 100% passive or without administrative effort.

An overview of the monthly income now:

Average: 155€/Night
Average: 80% occupancy throughout the year

This calculation is for an utilization of 24 days per month.

24 Days x 155€ = 3162€

3162€ - 160€ monthly fixed costs = 3.000€ Profit before taxes

Update 2023: 10 minutes initial consultation 100% free of charge.

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  • Julian R.

    Published on 07 February, 2020 / Answers

    Well explained! Airbnb is already something fine;)