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only 1% tax

up to 1.5 M EURO annual revenue.

The 1% tax model is approved by the tax office and established.

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Our full service.

Approval from your local tax office? Is it worth the effort at all?

how it works

Two experts for your taxes

Thomas Hofmann

Tax advisors in general are more or less exclusively trained on proper accounting balancing. However, we have focused on International tax law and can avoid any pitfalls through our knowledge. "What matters is not so much what you earn, but much more what you keep afterwards!" Thomas Hofmann


Daniel Maier

In the video overview we have summarized a part of what we have learned in more than 20 years of entrepreneurial practice in terms of company foundations. We have also created an Expert Network in which we bring together the leading tax advisors, lawyers and most experienced consultants of the EU together. I am one of them. Daniel Maier


How does the 1% TAX MODEL WORK

Update 2023: 10 Minutes initial consultation 100% free of charge.

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Our service

You want the model to be approved by your local tax office and you don't want a big hassle?

Save taxes

You want to pay only 1% tax up to 1.5 million EUR annual turnover and be exempt from VAT up to 60.000€ turnover/year?

Sounds good?

Then we have developed our full service exactly for you. Request an appointment right now!


Paul Bachmann, E-Commerce

I started with a small business and I am exempt from VAT up to approx. 60.000€ turnover per year. Short calculation: just under 5,000 € turnover monthly = no VAT to collect or pay. Results in an annual turnover of 60.000€ and this taxed at 1% = 600€ tax paid!

Robert Hernandez, Sales Trainer

Ideal for all online entrepreneurs who can't deduct so much expenses anyway because of their activity! In the home country (Germany, Austria) deduct costs can reduce the profit. In the source country the profit is maximized, since only the turnover is taxed - in the best case only with 1%.

Julia Richter, Sign language interpreter

My work extends to 100 hours a week. I can't deduct much from my taxes, because the income is based on my own work. I can make up to 1.5 million EUR profit per year -but my tax burden can never exceed 10.000€ or 1% tax. A very reassuring feeling.

Fabian Bush, Dropshipping + digital products

Every day regulations, warnings, customer threats and too high return rate in Germany have almost forced me to go out of business. Through the 1% model I save vast sums in taxes, I am way more profitable, much lower return rate, no more warnings and no more business-unfriendly-legalities.


The new tax havens are legal

Since the zero-tax countries of the Caribbean have been closed to corporations, they are increasingly discovering Europe's low-tax countries. As a result, Germany continues to lose out in the tax competition. Read here the whole article from 12.07.2019 at

Tax scandal: "The EU is a tax haven for large corporations"

Multinational companies does not pay the full tax rate almost nowhere in Europe. Greens demands a reaction from Germany. Read more on Lausitzer Rundschau from 22.01.2019.

"Germany and the EU tax havens"

Only the other ones are evil, although the downward trend in corporate taxation in the EU could make tax havens superfluous. The article from Heise to be seen on

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